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Muns admits that while his was a free choice he has met people who were not so lucky and undocumented migrants can easily end up being exploited. The Hague: Shop-Den Haag. Thank you for donating to DutchNews. He is, currently, involved in a research project on the position of sex-workers in window prostitution in the city of The Hague. In these cases sex work can be their only access to sex. My parents were very accepting about male escorts netherlands homosexuality. The variability among the youngest male escorts on the internet corresponds with other outcomes of the field research carried out in Further integration of European police networks, information sharing or even a European FBI could improve the situation a lot.

Difference between age groups In Table 1 a subdivision is made for the of years each individual escort was identified. Photo: Window prostitution at the Geleenstraat, The Hague, where cross-dressers are also working.

Some trends among internet male escorts with male clients in the netherlands

Before the legalization and before the rise of the internet and social media, the circuit of male sex-workers in the Netherlands was a shadow circuit of the female industry and society in general, with a high resource threshold for starters. The city has a chronic shortage of police officers.

The DutchNews. He believes there is much which can be done to improve conditions for sex workers in Amsterdam, and that tourism is not the serious issue it has been made out to be. Many thanks to everyone who has donated to DutchNews. Ever since, I have been open to everyone about my male escorts netherlands. Conclusion The most intriguing outcome of the 4-year sample of individual MSW is that so many male escorts were cited during one single year at the local level.

Are men also victims of human trafficking? Getting rid of the prejudices surrounding sex work is essential for tackling issues within the sector. He published a series of studies on male sex work, as well as prostitution in the Netherlands. The women could still work in the red light district or in other regulated working areas, while male escorts netherlands of the men had to start working through the web.

It is the only regulated workspace for men in the entire country. There can be many reasons, he argues, why people become sex workers. There is still another reason for the apparent trend towards individualization. Also once sex work is a more respected job, it will attract more independent people who choose to do it out of free will.

Help us male escorts netherlands keep providing you information about coronavirus in the Netherlands. Police in the red light district. The first few times I refused, but then I decided to give it a try. But I have never experienced physical violence.

It was a terrible job and I needed to shake up my life. I decided to take part in some travel projects promoted by the European Union but as my travels increased, so did expenses, and the money I was earning at the supermarket was not enough. Legally, becoming a sex worker is an easy thing to set up. In addition, many of these networks are international. Male escorts netherlands female sex workers there are very few regulated work spaces for male sex workers, making them less visible and without the same degree of access to health and security protection.

Photo: Alenmax via Depositphotos. And if you like having sex you can make a job out of your hobby. Dutch destinations: pint-sized Staverden packs a punch.

Best of the web Museumless: what the closure of Dutch museums means to their directors Bee population steady in Dutch cities thanks to pollinator strategy The Woman Who Made van Gogh. When I graduated from high school in Belgium it was obvious to me that I would start studying in Amsterdam.

Male escorts soliciting clients via specific social media, such as gay dating apps like grindr, are not included. Photo: Graham Dockery.

Inthe minimum age for same sex relations was reduced to 16 years in the Netherlands. When I was 14, I told my parents and the year after my peers at high school.

Four-year sample () of male internet escorts

All profiles and of male internet escorts who were soliciting clients in the local region were gathered. To gain a more thorough understanding, from supplementary online data were assembled. City officials have embarked on a clean-up campaign, closing windows and buying out brothel owners and are now considering moving the windows altogether. Research does show there is less violence in the regulated places, which makes sense, because you benefit from many forms of protection, such as the police and the brothel owners who keep an eye out.

Four-year sample of male internet escorts Which trends emerge from the database of male escorts soliciting their clients online? This website is exclusively for people over 18 years of male escorts netherlands. So does Muns feel safe working without any physical protection?

The most restless are the youngest male internet escorts in the group of year olds. But there is, he says, much more the government can do. Muns has never stood behind a window in the red light district and says the fact this is reserved for women and transexuals, male escorts netherlands a cultural reason.

The traditional whore world is collapsing. The most intriguing outcome of the 4-year sample of individual MSW is that so many male escorts were cited during one single year at the local level. At high school I got generally accepted, some homophobic remarks aside.

Help us to keep providing you information about coronavirus in the netherlands.

By entering this website, you represent, warrant and covenant that you are at least 18 years old. The of this four-year study of male internet escorts with male clients in the local region of the Hague have male escorts netherlands main limitations. Once that has been done and the brothel owner or escort boss has a copy of your ID, you are ready to start.

Muns says that he has rarely faced problems because of either his sexual preferences or his job.

See table 4-a and Table 4-b. Nowadays, a male internet escort can make a start from home. Guest article by Paul van Gelder Inthe minimum age for same sex relations was reduced to 16 years in the Netherlands. But what about male sex workers? Councils have been closing down work spaces but prostitution has not stopped.

Between stereotypes: being a male sex worker in amsterdam

They already knew plenty of gay people and always taught male escorts netherlands there was nothing wrong with it. A lot is said and written about female prostitution — hardly surprising seeing as it is the most visible part of the sex industry. In my case, my safety is my own responsibility. During the following years street-walking was also prohibited in several larger cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Which trends emerge from the database of male escorts soliciting their clients online? Lyle Muns, a student, male sex worker and political activist spoke to DutchNews.

I was also keen on chatting online and I started to get in touch with people who offered me money for sex.

When I worked in the countryside there used to be many closeted and married clients, now that I work in Amsterdam there are more single men and tourists. Within the region of the Hague, the neighbouring cities of Leiden, Zoetermeer and Delft were also included.


Twice I have not been paid: those were moments in which I felt very vulnerable. Male internet escorts of 30 years or older were cited for the most prolonged periods. During this period, most male sex-workers started to offer their services on the internet and social media.

For a start, local authorities should stop shutting down regulated work spaces and should make it easy to open new ones adapted to the needs of the digital age. It is also possible to combine both factors into one single table. Regulated work spaces enable better monitoring and access for health professionals and the police and this, he says, is vital for getting a better overview of human trafficking.

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